Project Development Services
Project Development Services

Project Development Services for Water, agriculture and Rural Development projects: Project facilitation, development and management; for government, project managers, investors and NGOs.

WWS assists to make things happen, transforming a need into a project by taking into account all variables in a consistent format through sustainable solutions for the goal of access to clean water. 

WaterWays acts as a deal facilitator between entities (Districts, Municipalities, Villages, Companies and Infrastructure Projects) writing the proposal; on site evaluation; and seeking the solutions for sustainable water projects; providing an individualized and full service.

We coordinate between the three market factors COMMUNITY, TECHNOLOGY and CAPITAL, thus overcoming their vulnerabilities, form a full solution and execute the water project desired.

WaterWays provides a full plan; the service and process will be comprised of six basic services each divided into subservices, allowing for a module and open work mode:
a. Evaluation, assessment and identification of water challenges, including technological and organizational recommendations reports;
b. Integration for implementation, solutions provision, implementation and supervision, and bringing the project to a closure;
c. Sourcing relevant technologies and solutions from Israeli and global partners;
d. Sourcing sufficient funding for the project, as necessary, from donors and private investors within innovative funding schemes; 
e. Training and Capacity building;
f.  Maintenance for sustainability.

Typically each project starts with a pilot project which becomes a full blown regional project building on the lessons learnt in the pilot.

Types of Projects:
   Water sourcing and distribution projects for rural areas, enabling the Israeli experience in Africa
  Agriculture and rural develepoment projects
  Feasibility studies and business plan writing
   Sanitation projects including waste treatment for Biogas and compost;
   Project management executed through the Holistic methodology, mitigating the high rate of non-sustainable projects and facilitating effective funds usage;


Planning, Consulting, Sustainability and Training.      Sustainable Water Solutions       Appropriate Technology Sourcing and Training      Sustainable Rural Development Platforms    Corporate Social Resonsability Programs



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