WaterWays Solutions Ltd ("WWS") provides holistic solutions for sustainable water and development projects in rural areas, enabling effective funds usage.

Our vision is to tackle the perplexing challenge of sustainability or lack of, in water, agriculture and development projects in rural areas.

WWS is a service oriented project based company founded with the desire to allow people everywhere access to clean water. We operate through partnerships and coordination of the three market factors: Need; Technology and Capital, bridging the gap between the three and overcoming their vulnerabilities.

Our full-scale solutions integrate technology with business models and social mechanisms required for sustainable solutions in rural areas.

These take into account the full development need: drinking water, water treatment, agriculture development, income generation and other rural development as necessary.

With the understanding that long-term sustainability is the main challenge in achieving a major breakthrough in reaching millennium development goals, a broad access to clean water and the eradication of poverty, WWS has created the "Holistic Methodology for Addressing Water and development Challenges in Rural Areas" to provide a solution for this problem.

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Sustainable long term projects are our main concern led by our motivation and commitment, to supply clean water for all

WWS offers:

Sustainability Services: Planning, consulting, training and integrating between technology, business models and social mechanisms; community integration in projects; (G,PM,N)

Project Development Services: Water, agricultural and rural development projects; (G,N)

Appropriate Technology - The Israeli experiance: Sourcing and training; (G,PM,N)

Rural Development Platforms: Designing, implementing and CSR; (G,PM,N)

Smooth Access to the African Market: through our partners, (PM).

G- Governments; PM- Project managers; N-NGOs


WaterWays selected as one of 10 finalists at European Cleantech challenge 2014

Ornit Avidar Speaks at the Globes conference, December 2013   

24th October 2013, Waterways appointed WSA representative in Israel.

WaterWays and WSA- signed an MOU for strategic partnership 

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