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All of WaterWays solutions and services arebased of our proprietary "Holistic methodology to address water and development challenges in rural areas". The methodologymitigates the challenge through a holistic perspective in which all variables of the project are taken into consideration thus dismantilng the factors of non-sustainability.

We understand that the lack of sustainability is an affliction, which must be overcome. Over 50% of water projects in rural areas disintegrate within half a year after their completion, thus millions and billions of dollars are spent without the expected outcome.To adress this challenge WWS has created"The holistic methodology".

"The holistic methodology" addresses all variables of the project, specifically taking into account the 6 pillars of sustainability in a consistent format:

1.Planning considerations: Sufficient pre project planning; Life cycle cost and considerations;
2.Social considerations: WWS social models, Involving the local community as a full partner in the project from the conception stage of the project; Community Buy-in; Empowering the community to instigate local responsiveness, participation and general buy-in; and training for self-sufficiency;
3.Business Considerations: Appropriate business models enhancing community income allocated to maintenance, management, training and capacity building;
4.Technology considerations: Use of appropriate technology; Focusing on simple, decentralized, low maintenance and low energy technologies;
5.Environmental considerations: do no harm
6.Stakeholder considerations: reach alignment of interests between all stakeholders: Community; Government; Cooperative; Suppliers.

WWS scientific, technological and business capabilities:
a. Hydrogeology, Development of water resources;
b.Drinking water and waste-water;
c.Preservation of water and maximizing its usage;
d.Prevention of water and soil pollution;
e.Water purification and treatment;
f.Sewage treatment and countering its effect on quality of fresh water, soil, quality of sea water and beaches;
g.Conservation & Reuse, effective wateruse;
h.Sustainable development;
i.Water reclamation;
j.Expertise in monitoring in-situ, online, real time with experience in harsh, remote areas;
k.Green procurement;
l.Using proven, environmental technologies and know-how, adjusting them to local needs;
m.Using cost effective and inexpensive technologies to obtain environmental goals;
n.Writing of local governmental environment protocols and regulations;
o.Training regional & local teams for carrying out independently ongoing and long term monitoring and maintenance;
p.Maintaining a cohesive relationship between health, society and environmental processes, public sharing and transparency
q.Writing legal expert opinionfor the courts, on environmental and water issues.

The WaterWays team has an array of marketing and business development expertise in China, and Europe and a broad network in Africa, India and North America;


WaterWays selected as one of 10 finalists at European Cleantech challenge 2014

Ornit Avidar Speaks at the Globes conference, December 2013   

24th October 2013, Waterways appointed WSA representative in Israel.

WaterWays and WSA- signed an MOU for strategic partnership 

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