Sustainable Rural Development Platforms
Sustainable Rural Development Platforms
Developing platforms for self-sufficient projects enabling allocation of funds for: management, maintenance, training and capacity building.

Sustainable development needs to be done in an integral approach; WWS has devised two such platforms:

a. VIC – Village Income Center enables income generation for capacity building for villages in Africa and developing countries.
An integrated development solution incorporating: water, agriculture, electricity and production center for income generation. Villagers
can receive essential services in a communal fashion, such as clean drinking water; water for other uses; night time lighting; cellular
phone recharging; communal la-trines; hand washing stations; communal gathering and other options as needed, together with a production
center for income generation for the self sufficiency of the center enabling maintenance and capacity building for the community.
Business models and social mechanisms are incorporated as a critical part of the center’s sustainability.

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b. Cooperative agricultural models – enhancing income generation and building the logistic value chain for a cluster of farmers;

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