Sustainability Services
Sustainability Services
Sustainability Services - Planning, consulting, training and integrating between technology, business models and social mechanisms for Governments, Project Managers and NGOs. 

Companies all over the world have relevant technology for rural areas, but they have difficulty to integrate it within communities due to lack of infrastructure, lack of community buy-in and lack of training.

Over 50% of water projects in rural areas in Africa disintegrate within half a year after their completion, thus billions of dollars are spent without the expected outcome. Donor projects as well as investment projects do not reach their full potential and ROI. We have found that village after village, face the same type of lack of sustainability in projects due to misalignment between local needs and project aspirations. Pinpointing this affliction as the root of the failure in reaching long term improvement, in providing access to clean water and sanitation to millions of people, WWS has created "The holistic methodology to address water and development challenges in rural areas".

With the assistance of WWS, by adding our business models and social mechanism you can truly integrate your technology into a project successfully and sustainably and properly implemented within a village or rural areas.

Your company will focus on the technological aspects and tech R&D and our company will do the integration R&D;

 -  Integrating between technology, business models and social mechanisms. Provided to project managers and technology companies.
 -  Effective funds and inputs usage for project managers, governments and technology companies, forming long lasting sustainable project. Offering:
      - Community integration for water projects. 
      - Sustainability manual and protocols – WWS devised a hands-on, to-do, tool for project managers, government and NGOs enabling sustainability of projects and solutions for "the day after". The manual is based on our holistic methodology forming a sustainability kit for NGOs, governments, water companies and more.
      - Sustainability training and integration: including community buy-in, population sensitization, creating norms, local maintenance infrastructure, income generation programs for the local community to be able to afford the services, tariff building and tariff sensitizing, economic self-sufficiency and capacity building programs – based on our proprietary "Holistic Methodology".

Planning and training are the most important factors of a successful water project. Sustainability is a factor of appropriate planning. WaterWays™, holistic methodology is our planning method to addressing water challenges in rural areas.

Training needs to be done on all levels:
1.    Training and guiding local community for usage, day-to-day management and maintenance, long term sustainability and community involvement.
2.    Training project managers for overall management, monitoring, maintenance and long term sustainability.
3.    Guiding officials and partners throughout the project, on the holistic methodology
4.   Training on Technology aspects:
       a.    Usage
       b.    Monitoring
       c.    Maintenance
5.    Training on Organizational aspects
       a.    Social mechanisims
       b.    Business models
       c.    Management



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