Appropriate Technology
Appropriate Technology

Appropriate technology is a main factor for the success of a project.
Sourcing and Training of appropriate technology is provided to government and project managers.
can find the right solution for you.

Tell us what your challenges are and we will find the right solution.

Providing the right solution is a matter of expertise and know-how. Israel has much expertise in water solutions and technologies and has prevailed over drought and flourished the desert.

Appropriate Tech Services:

    -   Sourcing appropriate technology leveraging the innovative Israeli water industry know-how. For governments and project managers;

-   Training technical staff on water and agricultural technology usage;

-   Technology Training, such as: drip irrigation, arid area agricultural techniques and other appropriate techniques;

-   Building technology and systems maintenance programs;

-   Exposure of technologies and solutions which focus on rural areas and the BOP (Bottom of the Pyramid) market:

§   BOP Technology Beta Program and funding scheme;

§   BOP Appropriate technology – Marketing scheme (TOYOLA Business Model).

-   Water Training Ceneters – together with WSA and Intellitek

WWS leverages the vast know-how of the Israeli innovative water technology industry and assists to implement them in rural areas.
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Three issues must be taken into account in regards to technology and sourcing:

Appropriate technology which means: decentralized, simple, low cost, low maintenance and low energy;
Taking into account all possibilities – meaning addressing the problem through several means and including within the solution, conservation techniques, sourcing water from alternative water sources such as sea, brackish, black, yellow and grey water;
Innovative Technologies – experimental technology should not be disregarded.

also assists new technologies to adjust to rural areas in developing countries.

To achieve a sustainable system, a maintenance infrastructure must be incorporated in the project implementation and
as an integral part of the services. This can be done if Lifecycle costs are taken into account from the beginning of the project.
WWS will always set up a long- term maintenance system and infrastructure for our projects. This can be implemented either by the
local partner, government agency, private company, or WWS branch in the area.

WaterWays™, is well connected with companies and innovative technologies in the fields of water and environment in Israel,
and cooperates on a regular basis with a variety of water experts.


WWS leverages the vast know-how of the Israeli innovative water technology industry, which was able to prevail over drought and flourish the desert



Project Development Services
    Planning, Consulting, Sustainability and Training.   Sustainable Water Solutions    Sustainable Rural Development Platforms    Corporate Social Resonsability Programs


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