Corporate Social Resonsability Programs
Corporate Social Resonsability Programs

WaterWays™ offers unique initiatives designed to assist companies to implement Corporate Social Responsibility Programs (CSRP).

We link between your company and the needs of millions of people in rural areas for drinking water, sanitation, agriculture, income generation and rural development in general.

CSRP benefits your company by creating opportunities from global challenges, deriving value from sustainability, while maintaining a competitive advantage benefiting the world.

Project Development Services     Planning, Consulting, Sustainability and Training.     Sustainable Water Solutions      Appropriate Technology Sourcing and Training    Sustainable Rural Development Platforms



WaterWays selected as one of 10 finalists at European Cleantech challenge 2014

Ornit Avidar Speaks at the Globes conference, December 2013   

24th October 2013, Waterways appointed WSA representative in Israel.

WaterWays and WSA- signed an MOU for strategic partnership 

See IBA's news item on





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