Simon Tsuk, Hydrologist
Conservation Director

an experienced Hydrologist with over 17 years of experience in the water and environmental field in all their facets from NGOs to environmental Infrastructure companies. Shimon's expertise has made him a sought after advisor and legal expert on water and environmental issues for municipalities, courts and government offices.

Shimon started his career as Northern region, branch head of Water Quality, in the Israel Hydrological Service and later joined "Mekorot", Israel national water co. as a Hydrology consultant. In 2001 he joined the "Israel Union for Environmental Defense" and later became a member of the management team and professional development director.
He was also the Executive Director of Hayerukim, an NGO for promoting
environmental practices.

Shimon has a M.Sc. degree in Hydrology, Geology and Environmental sciences, from Ben-Gurion University, Water Resources Center, Blaustein Institute for Desert Research in Sde Boker; and a B.Sc. in Geology and mineralogy, from Ben-Gurion University. He was a Graduate of the Environmental Fellows Program -
The Heschel Center for Environmental Thinking and Leadership.

Shimon is a Member of: Israeli Society for Ecology and Environmental Sciences;
Israeli Water Resources Association; was a member of the Steering Committee of
"Good Energy Initiative" and a judge at "Stockholm Water Prize for Youth in Israel".
He participated in the 2003-2007 Professional Committee of the Ministry of Health for drinking water quality regulations "Adin" Committee; the 2006 Professional Committee of the Ministry of Health for beaches quality regulations and was the Delegation Coordinator of the 2004-2006 water group of environmental organizations coalition for sustainability, United Nations Conference CSD.



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