Avraham Israeli, M.Sc.
Water Technology Specialist

An experienced water, agriculture and environmental project coordinator and consultant with strong managerial and business development expertise. He has over 27 years experience working with foreign and Israeli companies, government and organizations and has been involved in water projects in Israel, Colombia, China, Korea, India and other countries.

 Avraham was the founder and Manager of two marketing consortium of companies for water recycling and re-use and renewable energy. His vast experience started while working for Kibbutz Nachshon, steering the Kibbutz community to economic development, in charge: of all industrial and agricultural developments and planning; founding and managing kibbutz enterprises such as Aran Factory for Advanced Food Packaging and a crystal-growing factory “Nachshon Star Sapphire”. He joined Yena Plast Ltd. In 1991 as Marketing Director and after that was managing director for GAD Semiconductors. He later joined the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute, as the Executive in charge - Water and Environmental Technologies Dept.

Avraham is the Co-founder of the Israel Water Association (2000) and member of the board, and has a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Agricultural and Economics, Hebrew University, Rechovot.


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